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Come visit Massage Studio "I Wish Wellness" by Morabito & Del Fabbro in Udine, you'll find the massage or the treatment that perfectly fits to you.

Day by day we solve most of the everyday life problems, for example: backache, cervical, muscle pains, skeletal, postural and visceral problems and much more. Prevention is important too, with our massages we can fight stress, anxiety, fear and phisical or emotional overload.

We will decide together with you which technique apply, among massages, terapeutic treatments or osteopathy: often the better solution is to combine different techniques with a customized plan.

Take a break from everything and everyone to take care of yourself in the most pleasant way on earth: a massage.
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Massage Studio "I Wish Wellness" by Morabito & Del Fabbro

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massages available in other locations: Hotel, Agriturismi and B&B.
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Crucial to prevent many health problems, massages allow to take care of ourselves very pleasantly.
Therefore there are many different massages. Every culture on earth developed massage techniques in line with each way of thinking.
We could say that every massage technique on earth is linked by focus on body as a whole, including mind and soul.
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Therapeutic Treatments

Massage techniques developed with a therapeutic and healing purpose. In our studio we use massotherapy (therapies based on manual massage) and osteopathy, i. e. therapeutic treatments that in most of Europe are "healthcare", while in Italy are considered "alternative medicine".
I Wish Wellness cooperate with other professional as motor rehabilitator, physiotherapists, psychologists and nutritionists.

Available Services in our Massage Saloon in Udine

Our massage saloon is set up like a spa. Once arrived you just need to relax and enjoy your staying.
You should speak to Dario or Barbara and find the massage treatment that fits you like a glove. Moreover you can customize your massage with different ambient sounds, music or essential oils.
You can wear a single use underwear if ou don't want yours to dirty with oils. After a massage you can have a shower: we will provide a bathrobe, slippers, shower gel and hairdryer.
2x Massage Studios
chromotherapy - aromatherapy - wardrobe - heated bed - underwear - warm/essential oils
Toilet with Shower
shower - bathrobe - slippers - shower gel - hairdryer
Piped Music
relax - relaxing frequencies for meditation - natural ambient sounds - music
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Sitting Area
sofa - chairs and table - small exibition of paintings - music
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our custom GIFT CARDs are perfect for special occasions.

You can get also get a COUPLE MASSAGE.

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Find Us

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via Teobaldo Ciconi 22/B, Udine, 33100

Opening Hours

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Monday:         16:00 - 20:00
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Friday:             09:00 - 20:00
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Sunday:           CHIUSO


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